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Name Of he Firm Anil Industrial Electrical Company
Govt. Electrical Licensed Contractor Licence No. Mc : 9975.
M.vat Tin No. 27600090119v
C.S.T. Tin No. 27600090119c
W.C.T. No. Wct 400602 / W / 1237
Service Tax No. St/mum/div-vi/mrs/300/th-i/04
Pan No. Accps6762r
Tan No. Pnes10803c
Registration M.S.E.B., B.E.S.T., B.S.E.S.
E.S.I.C. Registration 34 282 95, Dated 1/10/2001
Provident Fund Registration Mh/97999,dted. January, 2002
Group Personal Insurance National Insurance Co.ltd.
24 Persons.  
Status Proprietory Concern
Type of Contracts Electrical Contracts
Name Of Proprietor Mr. Anil Surajiwale 
Pan No. Accps6762r  
Qualifications Diploma Of Electrical, 1980.
P.W.D. Supervisor Licence No. M.S. No. 24617, Dated 17/1/1995.



The Proprietor Mr. Anil Surajiwale was working with M/s. Potdar Electric Works, Thane., Phone No. 536 2362 as Incharge of the Electrical contract jobs (14 years) with various reputed companies like :


NOCIL Thane – Belapur Road
PIL ( Polymer Divn.) Thane – Belapur Road
PIL ( Rubber Chemical Divn.) Thane – Belapur Road


Job Organisation

Commissioning & Testing of 22KV / 11 KV HT , Over head underground work with HT breaker, Transformer, Cable Ducting & Jointing work for above Projects.

Architecture & Interior Consultancy and many other Industrial, Residential and Commercial Establishments.


About Anil Industrial Electrical Company

Firm was established in the year 1991. From the inception of the firm as Anil Industrial Electrical Company the Proprietor Mr. Anil Surajiwale undertaken Electrical job independently so also undertaken Electrical Jobs in Commercial, Residential Complex. Banking and Industrial jobs in the following organizations.

In Mafatlal Industries Ltd., Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd., U.T.I. Bank Ltd. and also with I.S.I.L. (IDBI) Belapur, Thane I.D.B.I. Bank Andheri M.I.D.C., Mumbai. Under Sankalpan Architects Pvt. Ltd., & Ark Designs Pvt. Ltd., Dadar, Mumbai & N.K. Jain Consultants, NOCIL, Mafatlal Chember, Pidilite Industries Ltd., Parekh Marketng Ltd., Premier Automobiles Ltd. & Ind. Auto Ltd., Kurla USV Limited, Herbertsons Limited, UP Group, Mumbai, N.R.C. Ltd., North Canara G.S.B. Bank, Mumbai, SICOM, IFCIL Nariman Point, Mumvai, With Passing of electrical Meter, Change of tarrif C1 to C2 meter jobs from B.E.S.T., Meter passing for Jobs B.S.E.S., M.S.E.B.


Present Strength of The Firm

Electrical Engineer
•  Electrical Associate Engineer
•  Electrical Supervisors
•  Electricians
•  Helpers
•  Clerks
•  Office Incharge
•  Computer operator


Scope Of Work:

HT Related:
22 KV/11KV High Tension Substation, Transformers, Compact Substations and CTPT unit .
upto 400 sq. mm. HT Cabling with all types indoor and outdoor end terminations work.

LT Related:
All types of Panel, Erection and Commissioning.
All types of LT Cables laying with End Terminations .
MS Fabricated Structure with cable tray.
Flame Proof and Weather Proof Light Fitting and Switch Gear.
Street Light work, Lighting Protection Systems.
Normal & Maintenance Free Earthing Work with Borewell.

DG Related:
Installation and Commissioning of DG with AMF panel and Cabling work.
Synchronizing DG work.

UPS Related:
Installation of UPS, related Cabling and Distribution upto Work-stations.
Aluminum and GI Raceway work.

Wiring Type:
Concealed And Surface Lighting, Raw-Power, wiring work.

Testing of All Types High voltage and Low Voltage with Transformer Oil Filtration.
Supply of All Types of Manpower.


Sectors Served :

INDUSTRIAL: Chemical Factories, Pharmaceutical Factories, Automobile, Research Centers, Warehouses .
COMMERCIAL COMPLEX: Corporate Offices, Banks, Hospitals, Hotels, Malls.
RESIDENTIAL: Residential Towers, Bungalows, Row-Houses, Flats .
MAINTENANCE : Factory, Pharma, Bank Corporate Office.


Registrations And Certificates:

GOVT. LICENCE NO. MC : 9975.M.S.NO.24617, DATED 17/01/1995.
M.VAT TIN NO. : 27600090119V
C.S.T. TIN NO. : 27600090119C
W.C.T. NO. : WCT 400602/W/1237
TAN NO. : PNES10803C
E.S.I.C. : 34000002820000699

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